The Journal of
The Math3ma Institute

The Journal of The Math3ma Institute is a new home for expository articles on research in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) written for the ambitious lay person with interests in these fields of study. Unlike traditional academic outlets, a primary aim of this journal is to draw wide audiences to STEM by demystifying exciting, yet complex, topics and sharing them with clarity. 

Prospective authors include faculty members of The Master’s University as well as scholars and research scientists from other institutions who are passionate about their work and wish to make the excitement of their field accessible to a broad audience.

Our Spring 2022 issue is now available!

The Queen of the Sciences: Reclaiming the Rightful Place of Theology and Creation
by Abner Chou
A New Perspective of Entropy
by Tai-Danae Bradley
Imitation Learning: The Machine Learning Version of Discipleship
by Monica B. Vroman
Christ in Creation
by John F. MacArthur

ISSN 2771-4373 (online), ISSN 2771-4365 (print)

DOI: 10.55409/math3ma

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