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Our Latest Posts

Fall 2022 Updates

We have a few updates to share here at The Math3ma Institute! Journal Available for Purchase The inaugural issue of The Journal of The Math3ma Institute was released earlier this spring. The PDF can be freely accessed here, and hard copies are now available for purchase online through the University Exchange, which is the bookstore…

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Mathematics: God is Not Silent

Tomorrow, Friday, April 1, at 2pm PT, I’ll be giving the next talk in our public lecture series, which will be live-streamed on YouTube here. Previous speakers have included Dr. Abner Chou and Prof. David Crater, and recordings of their talks are available at the links. I’ve chosen to speak on some of my recent…

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The Queen of the Sciences

This Friday, March 4 at 2:00pm PT, we are delighted to host Dr. Abner Chou in a moderated Q&A session at The Master’s University (TMU) on the doctrine of creation and its role in reclaiming theology as “the queen of the sciences.” This event, which is part of our ongoing public lecture series, will be…

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Announcing The Journal of The Math3ma Institute

Today, we are delighted to launch The Journal of The Math3ma Institute, a new home for expository articles on research in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) written for the ambitious layperson with interests in these fields of study. A digital edition of our first issue is now freely available at http://www.math3ma.institute/journal. We are also pleased…

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New Public Lecture Series

We are happy to announce the launch of a small series of talks: The Math3ma Institute Public Lectures. These events will be held in-person at The Master’s University (TMU) and also live-streamed on TMU’s YouTube channel. Here’s a brief description listed on our lectures’ main page, http://www.masters.edu/lectures: Aimed at a general audience, The Math3ma Institute…

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Our Slogan and Our Work

Guest post by David T. Crater, chair and associate professor of Engineering and Computer Science at The Master’s University. Our executive director, Dr. Bradley, received an inquiry recently asking how our slogan, “Esteeming the voice of Christ in STEM,” relates to our work. This is an important question and gets to the heart of what…

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Technology and the Trinity: A Look Ahead

Guest post by David T. Crater, chair and associate professor of Engineering and Computer Science at The Master’s University. What a privilege and honor it is to support Dr. John MacArthur and Dr. Tai-Danae Bradley in launching The Math3ma Institute! The Master’s University has for a long time wanted to get more involved in research,…

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Welcome to The Math3ma Institute

An Introduction Today we are delighted to announce that The Master’s University is now home to an academic research institute for STEM fields.  The Math3ma Institute is linked to TMU’s engineering and computer science departments and includes faculty members and researchers like myself who work to advance the fields of mathematics, computer science, engineering, machine…

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